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It's Time To Groove And Move To 15 New Songs From MN's Happy Dads!

The long anticipated, 4th studio album was worth the wait. Now kids everywhere have a way of understanding adult lower back issues and the reason Dads tell very bad jokes, like, all the time. 

Featuring "Ooh, My Back", "Dogs Are The Best", "Always Improving" and "Dad Jokes", this new album is sure to compliment any family car trip or after dinner dance party.






Get Your Stomp On With The Jolly Pops Latest Album, “Bad Bad Dinosaur!” 


The Jolly Pops are back with an awesome collection of family music and fun for all ages.


Ready to ask your parents for a furry friend? "I Want A Puppy" is the song for you. Want your sister to lay off your string cheese? Get your point across while you jam out to "Not Your Cheese." From "Roller Coaster Ride" to "Morning Swim" (and everything in between) kids - and kids at heart - will have a blast with the Jolly Pops on this upbeat, musical adventure.





“We Are Happy Dads”

The Jolly Pops Second Studio Album! 


Continue the musical adventure with Mr. Billy and his new Minneapolis, MN collective of Dads as they weave together 15 new songs that will delight both young and old.  


At long last “Bouncy House” and “Picnic Place” are on the record.  Get “Coo Coo Crazy Nutz” and put some “Spinning Rims on the Minivan”.  There’s even a song called “Minecraft Steve” which will make the older brothers and sisters say, “Hey, these guys aren’t bad.”

Listen & 

Purchase on cdbabyiTunes!

Check Out The Jolly Pops Debut CD, "I didn't do it!" 


Take a fun ride with The Happy Dads - Billy, Ryan and Angus - as they sing about alligator dancing, feelings, popsicles, kissing chickens...and everything in between!

Guest appearances by: Suzy Shelton, Matt Tehaney, Ashen Keilyn and Jordan Simms

And of course, the adorable Pop Rockers:  Lily, Aubrey, Millie, Sasha, Max, Willa, Frankie, Olivia, Juno and Oisin.

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