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The Jolly Pops offer a high-energy music program for pre-school and elementary children.  Our classes, concerts and on-site field Trips combine singing, dancing, games and the extremely popular "Puppet Time" into an event your kids will love. 


This is not "sit back and listen,"  it's "come join the party and have a blast!"  The Dads get the kids up, moving and involved all while reinforcing core curriculum values including counting, spelling, emotions and listening. 


Be sure to ask about our special after school Music and Movement classes. Mr. Billy can host up to 10 students anywhere in the school for 30 minute sessions of Jolly Pops dancing and fun. 4-6 week runs available. It's a great way for the kids to get some wiggles out before pick up and have an awesome time doing it.


More questions?

Scroll to the bottom of the page for some F.A.Q.

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Concerts & Special Events

Concerts & Special Events

Schedule a concert by The Jolly Pops to add an extra layer of fun to your party or special event.  Mr. Billy can rock out on his own or with a group of musician Dads. With over 200 appearances annually, The Jolly Pops are fast becoming a trusted and go-to option for schools, libraries and organizations all over the Twin Cities and the state of Minnesota.

So drop us a line and get a gig on the books. You bring the spinach dip, we'll bring the family fun.



Due to the heavy demand upon our schedules from public performances, The Jolly Pops are no longer offering private performances for birthday parties. 

Fear not! If you are interested in having your birthday boy or girl receive a personalized video message from Chompy and Bacon (our mascots) or even having Mr. Billy play their favorite Jolly Pops song just for them please contact us. Videos can be made for a nominal fee payable via Venmo or Paypal.

For an additional cost we can also send a personalized package in the mail with a t-shirt and CD of your choice. We might even slide in a virtual high five to mark the occasion!

Birthday Parties
Seniors & Active Adults


Interested in booking The Jolly Pops but not sure if we are the right fit for your event? Here are some frequently asked questions to help you out.


What do we do?

The Jolly Pops provide concert music programming for preschool and elementary-aged kids. We play for onsite field trips, family events, concerts in the park, and more. We are entertainment, education, and fun all wrapped into one!

Do we have programming options?

Our musical options include the full-band trio, duo, or solo. However, the more musical dads, the more fun and games we can access! Not to worry, all three setups provide great value and a ton of fun. Depending on your space, needs, and budget we will find what option is best for you.

How long are our shows?

Our standard program is 45 minutes. Having done hundreds of performances we’ve found that the 45-minute mark lands just right for the kids and families. For onsite field trips, we offer a 45-minute program for as many students who want to attend or the option to do two 30-minute programs back-to-back. Should you be looking to hire us for a festival or longer event we can play up to three hours if needed.

More questions? Just ask us.

What are our setup needs?

Not much. While a stage is always welcome we don’t need one. We can fit into almost any

area indoors or outdoors. The most important thing we need is access to a three-prong plug 20’ from wherever we will play.

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