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Mr. Billy, you are hilarious.
Brinley, age 5

I like your songs. You are good.
Declan, age 6


I would like you to come live at my house.
-Thomas, age 4

Listening to our kids explain your program to one of our new students was one of the greatest joys of this school year. I wish I had recorded it.
-D. Matthews, Creekside Children’s Place Edina, MN

The kids had a blast and all the teachers were very impressed with your Program!
Step by Step Montessori - Plymouth, MN

A few quick Bios to use for Promo purposes:

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Option #1

The Jolly Pops (Chanhassen, MN) combine upbeat, original music with a host of children’s standards for a concert that is sure to please kids and adults alike. Take a fun ride with the Happy Dads and their puppet friends as they sing about alligator dancing, popsicles, trains, pet dinosaurs…and everything in between!

Option #2:

Get ready for music and movement with The Jolly Pops! These happy dads from the Twin Cities will be bringing the family fun with songs about alligators, robots, dinosaurs, trains and so much more. There's sure to be a few Dad jokes thrown in the mix as well. So buckle up and come join us. It's gonna be a great time.


One Sheet/Lyrics

Download the "Bad Bad Dinosaur" one sheet

"We are Happy Dads" now available at iTunes and CDBaby [make links]

Three across thumbs up
More singing!

Photo credit Billy Hartong. To download drag and drop (Mac) or right click (PC).


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