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Key Dates

Every Wednesday. That's when a new YouTube video drops until The Pops can continue live concerts and

school programs once again.


Mr. Billy, you are hilarious.
Brinley, age 5

I like your songs. You are good.
Declan, age 6


I would like you to come live at my house.
-Thomas, age 4

Listening to our kids explain your program to one of our new students was one of the greatest joys of this school year. I wish I had recorded it.
-D. Matthews, Creekside Children’s Place Edina, MN

The kids had a blast and all the teachers were very impressed with your Program!
Step by Step Montessori - Plymouth, MN



The Jolly Pops (aka The Happy Dads) are fast becoming MN’s premiere choice for early childhood education facilities and family music venues. In between live appearances, The Jolly Pops are hard at work updating their growing YouTube channel where parents and educators can find entertaining and enriching videos for their kids and students.


Billy Hartong is the father of three young daughters and a French Bulldog son. He lives with his wife and family on a lake in Chanhassen, MN. Any given day you might find him in one of the 100 Preschools he works at in the Twin Cities area. Or he might be at a park or library with his group of Dads “making music for the kids”.


"We are Happy Dads" now available at iTunes and CDBaby [make links]

One Sheet/Lyrics

Download the "Bad Bad Dinosaur" one sheet

Three across thumbs up
More singing!

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New Album Videos

* Unreleased and Unlisted til 6/18