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Happy Dads. 

We Are

Jolly Pops.

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Look out for our summer programming concert video on library websites and Social Media. 5 new Jolly Pop songs and music videos mixed with illustrations and narration! 

Whose team are you on? 

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Where Are The Jolly Pops?

Come join us live on stage or at your school.

Check venue or school websites for more info.

7/12/21 - The Gardner School - Minneapolis

Onsite field trip.

7/13/21 - Richfield, MN - 11 am

Full band concert at the bandshell. Free and open to the public.

7/14/21 St. Louis Park, MN - 10 am

Full band concert at Veteran's Memorial Amphitheater. Free and open to the public.

7/15/21 - Elk River, MN - 10:30 am

Full band concert in Woodland Trails Park. Free and open to the public.

7/16/21 Time for Me - Lake Elmo, MN

Onsite field trip.

7/19/21 Step by Step - Edina, MN

Onsite field trip.

7/20/21 - Fridley, MN - 11am

Full band concert in Commons Park. Free and open to the public.

7/21/21 Shoreview, MN - 10 am

At Haffeman Pavilion. Free and open to the public.

7/22/21 - The Goddard School Lakeville, MN

Onsite Field Trip

7/22/21 - Brooklyn Park, MN - 7 pm

Evening concert at the Historical Farm. Free and Open to the public.

7/23/21 - The Goddard School - Blaine, MN

Onsite field trip.

7/24/21 - Crystal, MN - 12 pm

We'll be kicking off the fun at the main stage for the Frolics Festival in Becker and Welcome Park.

7/26/21 - Bloomington, MN 10:30 am

Full band concert in Moir Park. Free and Open to the public.

7/27/21 - Inver Grove Heights, MN - 10:30 am

Full band concert in South Valley Park. Free and Open to the public.

7/28/21 - St. Thomas Moore School - St. Paul, MN

Onsite field trip.

7/29/21 - Cradle Club - Edina, MN

Onsite field trip.

8/1/21 - Methodist Church - Minnetonka, MN 10 am

Free Family concert.

8/2/21 - Wells, MN Library - 10 am

Free Family concert.

8/2/21 - Winnebago, MN Muir Library - 1 pm

Free Family concert.

8/3/21 - North Mankato, MN Taylor Library - 10 am

Free Family concert.

8/3/21 - St. Peter, MN Library - 1 pm

Free Family concert.

8/3/21 - Henderson, MN Library - 3:30 pm

Free Family concert.

8/5/21 - Plymouth, MN - Hilde Performance Center - 5:15 pm

Free Family concert.

8/6/21 - Washington County Fair MN

Shows at 2 pm and 4 pm

8/10/21 - Kiddie Academy - Edina, MN

Onsite Field Trip.

8/16-22/21 Jolly Pops Family Vacations!

Chilling on brief hiatus to celebrate our own.

8/26/21 - Family Child Development Center - Plymouth, MN

Open house concert and party starting at 9:30 am.

8/27/21 - The Gardner School - Eagan, MN

Onsite field trip.

8/30/21 - The Goddard School - Chanhassen, MN

Onsite field trip.

8/31/21 - Children of Tomorrow - Norwood, MN

Onsite field trip.

8/31/21 - Isanti, MN Intermediate School - 5 pm

Open house event and family jam.



The Pops return to WCCO!

January 17, 2020

The Mid Morning show had us back for another fun appearance promoting our Parkland Theater show 1/19/20. Click the photo to watch the streaming video!

WCCO Mid Morning Show!

July 17, 2019

The Jolly Pops returned to the TV studio for another appearance on the Mid-Morning Show. Click the photo to open the video link.

"Bad Bad Dinosaur" Glowing Review!

July 03, 2019

FV Reviews Music Blog just released a great write up for our new album. Click the picture to have a look.

"I Want a Puppy" is loose!

June 18, 2019

Our new music video is live! Check out our Youtube channel or click this link to the City Pages Blog for a write up on the time we joined forces with the awesome organization Secondhand Hounds to create a rocking video for the whole family.

Hilltown Family Variety Show

May 04, 2019

Ask Alexa (or a corresponding device) for "Valley Free Radio on Tune-in" or set your FM dial if you are in the area! The Jolly Pops are once again hosting the Hilltown Family Variety Show on Saturday 5/4 from 9-10am EST for an hour of commercial-free family programming on 103.3FM WXOJ, Northampton, MA. An encore will broadcast on Sunday, 5/5 from 7-8am EST.

Chompy and Bacon's First Cartooon!

February 02, 2019

The Jolly Pops mascots have been animated for a silly bath time adventure! Go have a gander.

Bacon and Chompy on Youtube!

January 13, 2019

Chompy and Bacon are starting 2019 strong with a series of buddy videos that are fun for the whole family! Who's team are you on?

"Spinning Rims on the Minivan" Music Video!

October 01, 2018

Be sure to check out our new music video on YouTube.  Dad has tricked out the family car and the results are hilarious!

Elective Classes Return!

September 28, 2018

The Jolly Pops are excited to once again start Elective Classes at Creekside Children's place in Edina, MN.  Contact us to learn more about how we can do a 4-6 week run at your school!

Soccer Shots Fun Fest

August 06, 2018

The Jolly Pops are super excited to be the musical entertainment for this celebration of the premiere Youth Soccer Organization of the Twin Cities Metro Area.  Come kick it with us!

Vents Magazine WAHD Review

July 13, 2018

Have a look at a glowing review for our new album "We Are Happy Dads" in Vents Magazine!

City Pages Article and Interview!

May 03, 2018

Have a look at a great article and interview about The Jolly Pops and our new album in the renowned City Pages of Minneapolis.

New Animated "Voy A Comerte" Video!

April 13, 2018

89.3 The Current's Blog featured our new video for our first ever Spanish Language song "Voy A Comerte"!  Read about it here or simply find it on our Youtube Page.

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